Mihaela Fitzpatrick

Founder & Director FormaSheFitness

Mihaela Fitzpatrick

When we are teenagers, there are many ways for us to be physically active.

After high school however,  our lives become fuller and more complex. It’s not as easy for us to be physically active, as it was when we were children.
As we grow older, sports activities become an essential factor in the maintenance of our health and our physical and psychological beauty.

It is important to integrate sports in our lives. Today, even a holiday can be seen as an excellent opportunity to keep health and fitness into our lives. Sports activities  should be funny and always trendy. They are the kind of activities that help us stay fit, shape our body and define our self –perception.

In fitness,  our outfit  is an extension of our personality, just like wardrobe is an extension of personality in other day to day activities.

Our sports outfits should be a source of pleasure and comfort, improving our performances.

It’s good, not just to be fit, but to look fit as well. This website, magazine and store have been created for modern and active women, who appreciate beauty, sports, fitness fashion, health and fitness travels.


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