Nicoleta Mocanu

Manager si Instructor Fitness Aerobic at Fitness NICO Asociația sportiva "Intoarce-te la Sport"

Nicoleta Mocanu

My road, when it comes to sports, began as a child, given the fact that I have always been attracted by all the sporting activities developed within the school and generally quite active, and being part of the handball and athletics teams.

In 2009 I’ve started the Fitness Nico project, opening my first personalized studio located in Ploiești, exclusively for women and children. At that time, being the mother of a 2 year old girl myself, I quickly understood the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle, both for the mother and her child, the two forming a harmonious Yin and Yang.

After the birth of my second child, I had to reinvent myself. Therefore, my road in sports had to change and I had to leave my career as the manager of a fitness centre and a sporting events organizer, and become and a sports instructor, certified by Federația Română Sportul pentru toți.

I’m an instructor in different areas of sporting development and advancement as well as the president of the Întoarce-te la sport Association, a body having as a mission the promotion of sports, as well as the involvement of communities and local institutions in creating sporting events and activities for the benefit of citizens taking part in these activities. My life as a mother has given me the motivation to get closer to children and understand their needs, and currently I am also involved in developing sporting programmes for kindergartens and schools.

Nowadays, sport is being practiced as a discipline leading to exhaustion, through repetitive, stressful exercises, the latter ending up having a negative impact upon our physical health. Wanting to make a change in that sense, we created the following vision of our association: sport – a movement facilitating each person’s flow of energy. Sustaining and developing through sport activities starts with a correct, diaphragm breathing, continuing with a correct manner in which key posture exercises are executed, finishing with laughter exercises that automatically bring a state of relaxation, optimism and self-confidence.

What do we offer at Fitness Nico? Fitness, aerobic and development through sports classes, taking place in a unique manner: Freestyler Super Toning, Wayflex System Training, Fetno Aerobic, Pilates, Nirvana Fitness, Laughter Yoga. You can also try: Zumba dance, Karate, Aikido, TaiChi, Modern dancing & Street dance, together with your partners at the centre. Do you want to know more about one of the activities mentioned above? You are welcomed anytime to join us at our club!

I get my satisfaction at the end of the day out of all the sporting classes at the gym, the personal trainings, from the people I interact with on a daily basis, and the children offer me all the necessary levels of energy to continue on the road I have chosen. Together with the inherent benefits of sport, I consider that the human interaction and the interpersonal relations established in the process represent another essential positive factor, in a world that is currently living on-line mostly due to technology.

I persevere, I adapt, I learn, I develop myself, I love, I smile and I always inspire practicing sports to those around me!


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