Simona Negrila


Simona Negrila

I am glad to say that I am one of those happy people for whom their profession is also their passion and their calling.
From the very start of my Physical Therapy studies, I have been attracted to the idea of bringing people comfort and relaxation  - and thus, I became fascinated with various massage techniques.

After completing numerous training courses in Romania (Swedish massage, lymph drainage, Japanese massage) I decided to continue my education abroad, in order to widen my knowledge in this fascinating field. Thus, I enrolled in some courses in Europe, and I must say that my experience at the Steiner Spa Academy in London had a great contribution to my subsequent development as a therapist.

Once I finished this course, I started working on some of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world – an experience that changed my life completely. During this time, I realised that, the best thing for me would be to learn my massage techniques  straight from the source, in order to become the best possible therapist.
In order to pursue this dream, I decided to go to Thailand, where I discovered the fascinating world of Thai massage, and where I happily return each ear, to explore the mysteries of these techniques even further. My initial decision was followed by several other trips: Bali – where the Bali massage can spoil you from head to toe, Laos- Thai yoga massage, Vietnam – Vietnamese face massage.

"I love Asia for its culture, for its massage and for everything it has to offer! I experience a true feeling of joy every day, after each massage session, knowing that I’ve made someone feel better.”


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