Teas that can improve digestion
People have been drinking tea to help treat digestive issues and other illnesses for thousands of years. Several herbal teas have been shown to help with nausea, constipation, indigestion, and more. Fortunately, most of them are widely available and easy...
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Healthy cooking tips
Eating healthy food doesn’t mean giving up your favourite foods. Your favourite recipes can be adapted easily to provide a healthier alternative. There are many ways to make meals healthier. Limit fats, sugars and salt and include plenty...
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What You Need to Know about Dietary Supplements
What are dietary supplements? Dietary supplements include such ingredients as vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and enzymes. Dietary supplements are marketed in forms such as tablets, capsules, softgels, gelcaps, powders, and liquids. What are the benefits of dietary supplements? Some...
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5 steps to meal planning
Planning meals ahead requires a small investment of time, but can help you save money and reduce stress. Here are five easy steps to getting started. 1.    Find your favorites  Ask your family to build a list...
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How healthy eating prevents desease
“You are what you eat.” You know your diet impacts your health. You’ve probably heard this over and over again. But have you ever wondered how exactly it improves your health? Here are a few explanations...
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Foods that can help reduce anxiety
People can make a variety of lifestyle changes to help manage their anxiety. Eating a diet high in vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grains, and lean protein can be helpful. Nine foods to eat to help reduce anxiety 1.    ...
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Easy to prepare dinner ideas
If you crave variety and want to spice up your routine, plenty of scrumptious, small-batch dinners take very little time to prepare and are incredibly healthy. 1.    Chicken-quinoa bowl -    Season the chicken with salt...
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Essential Nutrients and Why Your Body Needs Them
Essential nutrients are compounds that the body can’t make or can’t make in sufficient quantity. According to the World Health Organization, these nutrients must come from food, and they’re vital for disease prevention, growth...
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Cookies recipes for Christmas
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