Mihaela Fitzpatrick

Founder & Director FormaSheFitness

Mihaela Fitzpatrick

Mihaela Fitzpatrick is the Director and founder of FormaSheFitness where she oversees the business and the brand across its online shop, print and digital platforms. She has been in the wellness industry for more than 10 years writing, editing content, and managing an online business and developing social media strategy.

She’s a proud graduate of the European School of Economics in London where she completed a graduate program in Event Management and is a graduate of the Romanian American University where she completed a Masters Degree in travel and tourism management and a bachelors degree in law. 

When she’s not engaged in the hard work of building, managing  and dreaming up new ideas for FormaShe Fitness, she's exploring the world and traveling with her Shiba Inu, “Foxy”, and writing about her fit travel experiences and pet friendly trips.

She loves all forms of wellness activities and exercise, including working out at home, in the gym and in nature.  She believes health and fitness should be fun and that it is good not just to be fit and healthy but to look fit and healthy as well. 

The FormaSheFitness website, magazine and online store have been created for modern and active women, who appreciate physical and mental health, fitness, beauty, sports, fitness fashion and fit travel.


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