Say NO to hibernation

Say NO to hibernation

Too cold to go to yoga this evening? Not a chance

It may well be wonderful performing yoga on the mat when you wake up to a view of the stunning Santa Monica shoreline…but what if you’re stuck in a dismal council flat in a city where the sun’s packed its bags for the winter? It’s all too easy to hibernate or snuggle under the duvet when it’s cold outside, but it’s important to keep that inner fire going too – and that means doing yoga. Here are some ideas to get you from sofa to studio even when the weather says ‘no’.

Embrace the elements

There’s no such thing as the wrong weather, only the wrong clothes. Wrap up warm but embrace the elements. It’s great to experience fluctuating seasons. Remember, some people have never seen snow before.

Move like Jagger

Moving breath and body together with a Vinyasa, or in a dynamic class (Ashtanga, hot yoga, Bikram), will generate enough energy to power a small car. You’ll feel less sluggish and ready to take on the world.

Best mates

Okay, so yoga has a zillion mind-body benefits, but there’s even more to it: head off down the local yoga studio and you’ll get to hang out with some fab, fun, likeminded friends. Share stories, compare notes, even complain about the weather – the main thing is you made it to class.

Open up

The winter encourages us to curl up, hunch our shoulders, in order to buffer the cold. The best way to counter that is to open up the body through yoga asanas, to get our joints, muscles and minds free flowing again.

No regrets

You’ll never regret going to a yoga class. Yoga stokes your inner fire, so if you’ve made it to the class in the first place – and got that body of yours working strong – the journey home will be a breeze. Just do it!